The settings of your application can cause connectivity troubles. Though we are doing our best to make the app choose the best configuration for your device, sometimes it may require a manual set-up. Follow these instructions to configure your VeePN app:

  1. Try changing the server. Some servers experience may experience a large user influx at times. Try to reconnect to the server, or choose another location from the drop-down menu below the “Connect” button.
  2. Change the protocol. This sounds weird, but encryption protocols may also be an issue keeping you from browsing the web safely. To change the protocol, go to Menu at the top left corner, choose Settings – Protocol. Try different protocols from the list.
  3. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app. Timely updating your app is essential for its correct operation. The app will notify you about the new version available. However, if you forgot to update, to check if there is a new version available go to Menu – Settings – General. Near the bottom of the window, you will see an update notification if there is one. Update and restart the app.

In none of these steps help, contact our support team at [email protected], they will solve your issue as soon as possible.