Before installing the app to your Android device, make sure you have a valid VeePN subscription. If you don’t have one, click here to choose a suitable plan.
VeePN supports devices operating on Android 4.1 and higher.


1. Open a web browser, go to and Log In, using your email and password. If you still do not have your account you can easily create it tap on “Sign Up”.

Enter your email and password

2. Click on the “Apps,” and Choose Android from the drop-down menu.

Choose Android

3. When the Android page has loaded, click “Get it on Google Play.”

Access to Google Play account

4. You will be redirected to the store. If you have access to your Google Play account, do the following:

5. Tap “Install”

6. Accept the requested permission
7. Wait until the app downloads
8. Tap “Open”

Application Setup

Now that you have VeePN on your device, it’s time to set up and configure it. It will take only a couple of minutes, and you will enjoy unlimited and unrestricted web surfing.

1. Open the app and tap “Sign in.”
2. Enter your email and password.
3. You will be asked to allow VeePN create VPN connections. Tap “OK.”
4. Check out a short tutorial, and you are good to go!

Connecting to VPN

• To connect, tap the big “ON” button in the middle of the screen.

“ON” button

• Connecting can take a few moments based on the location and load on the server.

Wait a few moments

When you are connecting for the first time, we are choosing the best available server. Otherwise, you will be automatically directed to the last one you used.

• Once the button has changed to white and green, and you see the “VPN is ON” message, you can browse the web safely and freely.


Important note: you can connect up to 10 devices under one VeePN plan. Once you hit the limit, you will see a notification asking to either disconnect a device or purchase an extended subscription.

How to Disconnect

1. To disconnect, tap on the big white-green button at the center of your screen.

2. The button will turn white, and “VPN is ON” message underneath it will change to the “VPN is OFF.”


Do you need help? Contact our support team via Live Chat, or write at [email protected] We are glad to help!

How to Choose Different Server Location

1. To connect to a different server, tap on the bar with a country name below the connect button.

Bar with a country name

2. In the opened “Locations” window, choose a preferred location.

3. For a quicker search, start typing the country name in the search bar below.

4. Add preferred servers and countries to favorites for convenience.

5. Tap the location you would like to connect to.

In case you need help, feel free to contact our support team either via the Live Chat or by email – [email protected]

How to Switch VPN Protocols

Follow these steps to switch the VPN protocols you are using. Switching to a different connection type can help you achieve faster and more stable network.

1. Tap on the About Menus sign at the top left corner.

Tap on the Menus

2. Choose Settings.

Choose Setting

3. In the opened window tap on the “VPN Protocols.”

VPN Protocols

4. Pick a different protocol from the drop-down menu.

In case you need help, feel free to contact our support team either via the Live Chat or by email – [email protected]

How to Uninstall VeePN from Your Device

1. To uninstall VeePN, tap on the app icon on the home screen and hold until you see a Garbage can appear.

Uninstall VeePN

2. Drag the icon to the Uninstall garbage can.

3. You will be shown a dialogue window asking to confirm the action. Tap “OK.”

Tap “OK.”

If you want to uninstall the app because of some technical difficulties, please, contact our support team via the Live Chat or by email – [email protected] They will do their best to help you, and we hope we will continue our cooperation.