1. Go to Veepn.com and sign-up or login to your account

2. Click on “Downloads”, select Mac and wait a couple of minutes. Then open it from ‘Downloads’

Alternatively, you can download the VeePN from the Main page in the ‘Apps’ section. Just select Mac.

3. Open the .dmg file and then hit ‘OK’. Drag and drop it to the Applications folder.


4. Login to your account or Sign-up

5. Read the Agreement, scroll down, and accept it.

6. Turn ON the switcher to activate VeePN. VeePN will connect to the best available server automatically but you can customize the location of the server.

7. Green Indicator will let you know it’s ON. It will also tell you VPN is ON under the button.

8.  Click on this button to change the server.

9. You can change protocols by clicking on the ‘Menu’ -> “Settings”. Select Protocol


Do you need help? Contact our support team via Live Chat, or write at support@veepn.com. We are glad to help!