To uninstall VeePn from your Windows device, follow the steps below. However, if you are uninstalling the app due to technical difficulties, please, contact our support team first. They will help you fix any type of issue you have, and we hope that this will make you reconsider your decision.

  1. Find the folder where you installed the app. The standard location is C:/ Program Files/VeePN.
  2. Find a file named “Uninstall.” The type column on the right should display “application.”
  3. Launch the file by double-clicking on it. Pick “Remove all installed features.”
  4. Press “Next.” You’ll see a warning that the folder will be completely erased from your device. If you want to proceed, press “Delete.”
  5. Wait a couple of minutes, and then press “Finish.” You have successfully uninstalled the app.