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Introduction to VPN

  • What is a VPN?

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network, a secure tunnel that connects your computer and one of our servers. A VPN connection allows you to access blocked websites, stream media, play online games and enjoy all the Internet has to offer securely. Think of the VPN as your VIP entrance to a concert.

You can also read more about VeePN here.

  • What Can I Do with a VPN?

It is easier to answer what you cannot do with it, as our VPN grants you endless possibilities in the web. With VeePN, you can:

  1. Hide your real IP and location, and pick a desirable one
  2. Access blocked content, override geo-restrictions, stream media
  3. Protect your personal information and online profile
  4. Stream and download files anonymously and securely
  5. Save money by choosing the best deal from a different location
  • Which Services Can I Unblock?

With VeePN, you can easily access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and many other websites. Get more information here.

  • What is My IP Address?

Check your IP and location information here.

If you see your real IP or location, in case you don’t know what your IP is, this means that your connection is not secure. Your IP is a unique address issued by your ISP to find you in the pool of thousands or even millions of devices. However, this means that every user and website can pinpoint your real IP since it’s public. Think of it as letting know your home address to be seen by anyone.

Use VeePN to protect your personal IP and browse privately.

  • Do I Need VPN?

VPN is not mandatory. But you definitely need it if:

  • You want to protect your data.

VeePN creates a secure tunnel between you and one of our servers, and no one, not even your ISP, can look at what’s inside. We use a military-level encryption protocol called AES-256, which allows us to generate nearly an infinite amount of keys. This means that anyone who would try to hack into your VPN will have to spend billions of years decoding it, and it’s not an exaggeration!

With VeePN, your private data and online activity are protected from ISPs, snoopers, hackers and other prying eyes

  • Will VPN Slow My Connection?

Since the information has to travel a longer route, it is possible with any VPN service. However, with VeePN’s massive server network (4000 servers in 148 locations) you won’t even notice the change in the connection speed. Moreover, many ISPs use speed caps when you use streaming services, such as Netflix, to reduce “congestion.” So, connecting with VeePN can actually increase your Internet speed!

VeePN Subscription

  • How much does VeePN cost?

Currently, we have three subscription plans of varying length, the shortest being the monthly subscription. The price starts at $5.83 per month for a yearly subscription. We offer a lifetime subscription, which is by far the most popular among our clients.

You can get detailed information and relevant prices here:

In case you have some questions about pricing or billing, feel free to refer them to our amazing support team. If our standard subscription does not cover your needs, check the Extra Features *link* or write at to discuss individually tailored conditions.

  • Is VeePN Free?

No, VeePN does not provide any free services. Building and maintaining a wide network of servers and improving the application requires investments. As we follow a strict No logs policy, meaning we don’t sell your information to advertising companies, and also don’t show you any ads, we made VeePN a paid service.

However, we do offer a 1-day free trial during which you can test out all the opportunities. We also have a 30-day money back guarantee if you change your mind about VeePN.

  • How Does the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Work?

You have decided to part your way with us, we get it. Contact our support team within 30 days after your payment, and the payment will be fully reimbursed using the initial method of your payment, no questions asked. For more information, check out Terms of Service or contact our support team.

  • Why Should I Choose VeePN Over Other Services?

Firstly, because we are team of proffesional who know and love our work. Here are the benefits you will enjoy while using VeePN:

  • A plethora of servers (3999+) in 148 locations situated in 94 countries
  • Military-level AES-256 data encryption
  • One-click controls
  • Many supported platforms

Secondly, because we care about your privacy and comfort.

  • No logs policy – we don’t record any activity or connection logs
  • No bandwidth throttling – enjoy favorite services and media streaming at full speed
  • A friendly and helpful support center
  • 1-day trial and 30-day money back guarantee

Finally, because we are a team of talented professionals who are eager to make your Internet experience better!

  • What Services Do I Get With My Subscription Plan?

Regardless of the plan length you choose, VeePN subscription comes with all the server locations and the full amount of servers to use. Every user will also be able to access Kill Switch and No Logs features.

You can download the app on any of the available platforms, and install it on up to 10 devices under any standard plan. Check our installation tutorials for a quick setup.

If you need to protect more than 10 devices, check this our Extra Features.

  • Do You Have Any Extra Features?

Yes, we do! To make your online experience extra comfortable, we offer additional features, such as new device slots and a dedicated server. To find out more about the features we offer, click here.

  • How Can I Pay for the Subscription?

We support a variety of payment systems to make the ordering process as simple and comfy as it can only be. You can purchase your plan using one Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, PayPal payment system, and BitCoin e-currency.

  • How to Cancel My Subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will be able to use VeePN until the expiration date, but the plan won’t renew automatically. For example, if you want to cancel your year subscription, you will be able to browse securely until the end of the year, but you won’t be billed for the next period.

Before you decide to cancel your subscription, we advise you to check in with our amazing support team. You can use the Live Chat or white an email at

If you are still determined stop the auto-renewal function, contact our support using the Live Chat or at and state your request. We will miss you, though :C

  • Does VeePN Offer a Lifetime Subscription?

Yes, we do. We want to make the secure and free Internet as affordable as it can only be. Offering a lifetime subscription matches our central motto well. You can check the details of the plan here.

This plan is the most advantageous one for our users in terms of both money and convenience. We want to alleviate the concerns of Internet security, and cross of your mental list yet one thing you need to remember. Pay once, enjoy infinitely.

  • How Do You Determine the Price?

Our pricing policy is based on the objective cost of maintaining such an extensive server network. To provide you with the best and most secure VPN, we need to invest a lot into both the equipment and the professionals who operate it.

We believe we found the best price to both remain at the top of the game and offer you affordable prices. We offer 42% off for a yearly subscription, and the lifetime plan is nearly a bargain. Check the plans here. You can also use our referral program to earn 30 free days for both you and your friend.

  • How Many Devices Can I Connect Simultaneously?

Under any subscription plan, you can connect five devices simultaneously. Install the app on up to 10 gadgets operating on any platform, including virtual machines and gaming consoles.

If you need to connect more devices at once, you can do one of the following:

  1. Install VeePN on your router and connect as many devices as you need.
  2. Buy additional slots to connect more than five devices starting from $0.4 per a slot.
  • What Platforms and Devices Does VeePN Support?

We have apps and extensions for MacOS, iOS , Windows, Android, Linux, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, apps for the most popular flagship routers and gaming consoles (PS 3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360).

Click here to find an appropriate setup tutorial for your device.

  • Do You Offer Static or Dynamic IPs?

VeePN offers only dynamic IPs. We do not offer static IPs for safety reasons. After sending a connection inquiry, your device is given the best possible IP from the address rotation. It may be an address you used before or a completely new one. The rotation helps to ensure greater safety and anonymity, which is our ultimate goal.

  • How Many IP Addresses Do You Have?

We will not disclose the exact number of servers for safety reasons, but we will gladly give you a perspective of the equipment we use. VeePN has more than 4000 situated in 148 location in 94 countries. Each server can hold thousands of IP, giving our users a seven-digit pool to choose from.

Note that the availability of servers and the number of addresses on each one can vary based on the unit’s location, and the encryption protocol you choose (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2tp/IPSec, IKEv2 or our custom protocol – VeePN Smart).

  • Do You Log My Data?

No, We do not! We follow a strict no-log policy and don’t record any of the following:

  • Browsing and download history
  • Your primary IP address and the IP assigned by our server
  • DNS queries
  • Your device’s metadata

To run a successful VPN and provide you with top-quality service we do have to record some data to troubleshoot technical problems, but this information cannot be tied to an individual user. To know more, visit our No Logs VPN page.

  • Is VeePN Safe?

Make no doubt about it! We are doing our best to make VeePN the safest service out there:

  • 3999+ servers in 148 to help you disappear in the sea of IPs;
  • Military-level AES-256 encryption for your connection
  • Strict “No Logs” policy, which means we don’t record your activity and connection logs
  • Every server is sucure and well maintained 24/7

Our team is our biggest asset. Security engineers of the highest qualifications work on VeePN’s solutions to make them 100% secure and suit your needs perfectly.

  • Do You Have a Referral Program?

We do! For every referral you make, we grant both you and your buddy 30 free days of VeePN’s protection. There is no limit to how many people you can refer. Get your unique link here *link to the referral page* and start referring.

  • Where Can I Read More About VeePN?

For more information about the service and the company, check our Tutorials, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Using VeePN

  • How Do I Sign in to My VeePN Account?

To log in, click here. Enter your email and password you used when creating an account. If you don’t have one, choose the “Sign Up” option and create one. We have safe Internet and cookies!

  • How Do I Install VeePN?

If you have some questions, feel free to contact our support team.

  • Why Do I Receive Updates?

We are constantly working on making VeePN better. If the update is crucial, the app will download and install it in the background mode, which is extremely rare. Otherwise, you will receive a notification asking your permission for an update installation.

We strongly advise you to install all the updates for the correct operation of our VPN software. We are doing everything to ensure the highest protection level for you.

  • What is the Kill Switch?

Kill Switch is the great feature using in a many modern trends and in VPN-connection too. This function automatically cuts off Internet connection in case the VPN falters. Once the network is stable, you will automatically reconnect again. This guards your connection against unexpected exposure that can result in data leakage. With Kill Switch, you are 100% safe.

You can manually disable the Kill Switch in the Settings section, though we strongly advise you not to.

You can get more information on Kill Switch and its function in protecting your privacy here.

  • How to Choose Location?

VeePN offers 148 locations available in 94 countries across the globe. To choose a desirable location, tap on the bar with a country name below the connect button of your application version. You will see full list of locations, and your favorites for a quick access. To add a location to your favs, simply tap on the star sign at the right corner near each name.

  • I Have Problems Connecting to a Server or Accessing a Service.

Connection issues can arise due to a number of reasons. To troubleshoot them effectively, contact our support team or find the answer on your question here.

  • Does VeePN Slow Down My Connection?

No, we don’t

Actually, it’s quite the opposite – your connection speed can increase while you are using VeePN. When you connect to one of our servers, you conceal your Internet activity, thus removing speed caps and bandwidth throttling. Enjoy!

  • How Do I Know if VeePN is Working?

The first and easiest way to check whether VeePN is working is to visit a website or use a service that is banned in your country. If you can access it, this means that VPN is up and running.

However, if you don’t have any banned websites, or simply want to double-check, go to At the very top of the page you can see three characteristics of your connection:

  • Your IP
  • Your Location
  • Your Connection

If you don’t know your real IP, check the location and connection. The location should say something different based on the server you picked. Supposedly, you have picked a server in the country of your residence. This is exactly why we have the third status bar. When it reads “protected,” you are all safe.

  • How Can I Contact You Directly?

To get in touch with us, you can pick one of the three following options:

  • Use Live Chat to contact otherour amazing multi-language support team. We are on 24/7!
  • Create a ticket, describing your issue, and get a response from our engineers.
  • Email us

Choose the best one for you, and feel free to ask any questions.

  • I Still Have Questions. What Can I Do?

For further questions, feel free to contact us via Live Chat, create a ticket or send an email –