Everyone loves Netflix for its wide range of favorites! But if you don’t live in the US or at least in the UK, you have fewer shows and movies to watch.

As you probably know, the copyright laws prevent Netflix from offering the same amount of content across the globe. Of course, the VPN can change your geolocation and get access to the US Netflix catalog.

But now, Netflix can detect whether you’re using a proxy or a VPN. Instead of watching your favorite show, you will get only a negative experience. Netflix is actively looking for servers that are used as VPN servers. No guarantees can be made because of it. If you face this problem, you are not alone. Please report us to support@veepn.com and we will find the way out as soon as possible.

How to access Netflix?
1. Download the VeePN (https://veepn.com/vpn-apps/) and launch it.
2. Login with your VeePN account.
3. Choose a relevant streaming server (we highly recommend connecting to Florida, California, and Virginia).
4. Make sure that your IP address actually changed using services like whoer.net
5. Go to the website https://www.netflix.com. You should see the version that corresponds to the location of the chosen server.
6. Log in to your Netflix account and enjoy!

Note that we support Netflix in all countries except Great Britain, Germany, France, and Japan.