Network problems can be created by a whole set of factors. First, here are some general tips:

• Try changing to a different server or location.
• Log out of your account, close the application and then log in once again.
• Make sure that there are no active applications or programs on your device that can interfere with VeePN. This includes firewalls, antiviruses, battery savers and sometimes even cleaning programs.
• Try switching to a different protocol. To do this, go to Setting, and pick a different protocol from the drop-down list.
• Uninstall VeePN, reboot the device, install the app again, and try connecting.
• Try connecting a different device to the same network, and the same device to a different network, to see if it’s a gadget or connection trouble.

For a more in-depth analysis and more tailored solution suggestions, make sure to check our troubleshooting sections based on your OS:


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