This problem may be caused by several factors. Here is what you need to do to fix it:

Apple Menu – System Preferences – Network.

From the list of active connections, marked with the green dot, pick the one you are using (on the top of the list).

Please, note that you will have to perform the following actions for each of the active connections.

First, clear your DNS entries.

  1. Click “Advanced.”
  2. Choose the tab “DNS.” Remove any entries using the minus “-” button below from both windows, “DNS Servers” and “Search Domains.” You are all set when the minus button becomes inactive.
  3. Click “OK,” close the window.
  4. Try to reconnect.

Secondly, empty the proxy list.

  1. Select “Proxies” from the list of tabs at the top of the window.
  2. Uncheck any checked boxes. You do not need to change settings.
  3. Click “OK,” and try to reconnect.

Finally, disable the Kill Switch function. This feature is designed to protect your connection any time the VPN connection falters. Kill Switch disconnects you from the web when you are not covered by VPN, so no data would travel unprotected.

To switch off the feature, do the following:

Click on the Menu icon – Settings – Security. Untick the “VPN Kill Switch” box to disable the function, and try to connect to the web again.

Note that after you disable the function, you will be browsing the Internet without protection, and a lot of important data, such as your location and IP, will be visible to everyone.

If the problem persists, contact our support team for further assistance.